Important: Application Information

This promotion is valid for approved Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner models purchased from 1st April 2016 - 30th June 2016 only.

Units purchased outside of these dates will not be considered for this promotion and NO further correspondence will be entered into.

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The following Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner models are valid for this promotion.

The Model # of your Air Conditioner will be printed on the Invoice Receipt and may end in either KIT, VA or VAD.

Valid Split System Air Conditioners (comprised of an Internal & External Unit) will be processed as a single System. Please supply the Model & Serial number details for the Internal Unit only.

  • MSZ-EF25 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MSZ-EF35 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MSZ-FH25 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MSZ-FH35 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MSZ-GE25 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MSZ-GE35 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MSZ-GL25 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MSZ-GL35 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MFZ-KJ25 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MFZ-KJ35 KIT/VA/VAD $100
  • MSZ-EF42 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-EF50 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-FH42 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-FH50 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-FH60 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-GE42 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-GE50 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-GE60 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-GL42 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-GL50 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-GL60 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MFZ-KJ42 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MFZ-KJ50 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MFZ-KJ60 KIT/VA/VAD $150
  • MSZ-GE71 KIT/VA/VAD $200
  • MSZ-GE80 KIT/VA/VAD $200
  • MSZ-GL71 KIT/VA/VAD $200
  • MSZ-GL80 KIT/VA/VAD $200

Claims are strictly limited to a maximum of 3 Bonus Eftpos Cash Cards per household.

Business applications will not be accepted. Invoices listing customer ABNs will not be accepted.

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It is the responsibility of YOU (the Customer) to provide a legible copy of your PAID Invoice Receipt at the time of Application.

This must show FULL PAYMENT (or $0 Balance Owing) of valid Air Conditioner Model/s purchased & paid for between 1st April 2016 & 30th June 2016.

To be considered, you must provide Proof of Payment when you complete the Online Application Form.

On the day of Application, a copy of the Invoice Receipt must be either:
• Uploaded with your Online Application; or
• Emailed to

Note: Residential applications only ... Business purchases will not be accepted.

Only residential Applications can be considered for this promotion, therefore the name on the invoice must be your personal name.

Invoice Receipts issued to a Business Name (or a customer ABN) cannot be processed.

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Completed applications must by lodged by 31st July 2016.

It is the responsibility of YOU (the Customer) to ensure that ALL correct & required information is provided by this date.

If a claim has not been correctly submitted and/or is incomplete as of 11:59 AEDT on 31st July 2016, then no card will be issued, and no further correspondence will be entered into.

For your application to be considered, you must:

• Complete an Online Application Form
- Note: Telephone, Fax or Postal applications CANNOT be accepted

• Supply a legible copy of your valid PAID Invoice Receipt at time of Application
- This must show FULL PAYMENT (or $0 balance owing) of valid Air Conditioner model/s purchased between 1st April 2016 & 30th June 2016

• Provide valid Serial Numbers for unit/s purchased.

You'll receive a Confirmation Email within 24 hours:

• IMPORTANT: Do not delete this email.
It will include your Unique Number - you'll need this to activate your card when it arrives in the post.

• If you do not receive the Confirmation Email within 24 Hours:
- First, check your Spam/Junk folder - just incase.
- Then, if you still cannot find the email then you must phone 1300 303 208 to confirm if your application has been lodged correctly. Failing to do so may result in no card being issued.

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For A Bonus Eftpos Cash Card
Applications close 31 July 2016

Valid Purchase Dates: 1st April 2016 - 30th June 2016. For approved Mitsubishi Electric Air Customers*

For questions about your application, please call 1300 303 208

Conditions Apply